Our Battery Life

  • Why this matters: The longer battery life, the more optimized designed ESL device, in general. Please also check the operation condition to measure the battery life, such as how many price updates per day is assumed to measure its battery life.

  • Ours: The battery life of our most commonly used tags is below.

  • Theirs: Typically run for 5 yrs @ 3 updates/day or 7 yrs @ 2 updates/day

Our Price Update Accuracy

  • Why this matters: Price update performance is another key performance indicator in ESL, because it is the most important job for ESL to do. It is always challenging for ESL to achieve virtually perfect accuracy at given time period, due to its inherent nature of wireless communication.

  • Ours: For 10,000 InforTab ESL tags, we usually need only 10 minutes with 99.9% accuracy. This is an industry-leading performance.

  • Theirs: Typically more than 5% error within more than 20 minutes to update 10,000 ESL tags.

Our Server Traffic

  • Why this matters: ESL server traffic performance is critically important, especially when you have nationwide stores. Please imagine that you have 50,000 products in each of your 50 stores nationwide, which makes your ESL server daily update 2.5 millions price tags at a time. This is why the server traffic management is always critical to operate ESL. 

  • Ours: Only 0.75MB data coming from our ESL server to update 5,000 InforTab ESL tags. This is disruptively smaller than others. 

  • Theirs: 120MB data coming from the ESL server to update 5,000 ESL tags. 

Our Gateway Networking

  • Why this matters: Gateway connectivity is one of the most important key performance indicators in ESL, because it numerically demonstrates the reliability of its wireless connection between one gateway to the connected ESL tags. Especially when you have complicated floor plans surrounded by many walls, gateway networking performance will critically impact your ESL reliability.   

  • Ours: About 8,000 InforTab ESL tags can be wirelessly connected to one gateway of ours. 

  • Theirs: Typically 3,000 ESL tags can be wirelessly connected to one ESL gateway.

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